The ViewIT-3D Team of Experts

With many years of experience in computer technologies our team is at the forefront of 3D/VR and all types of visual media, together we bring you the most experience and highest level of service in the industry.

Oscar V. Irwin

With careers spanning development of office computer networks in the early “90’s for telephone companies, to network training and sales with Novell and Productivity Point training centres, Oscar has been involved in high-tech industries for over 25 years.

After joining the Vancouver film industry in 2000 as a HD computer technician and operator, Oscar formed a partnership and purchased major components during the High-Definition transition in the film industry, bringing cutting-edge digital technology to the field. The HD video company is now one of the largest in Vancouver serving the commercial television market.

In 2010, Oscar co-founded Gyronimo Aerials which operates cameras on large-scale drones to achieve amazing aerial footage for film and television. The company is currently working with major clients Discovery Channel, BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet on projects around the world.

His latest partnered project Viewit-3D with Carl Byrne, is the most exciting yet and sees a Virtual World created around every corner. From houses to factories, VR is the new technology everyone is talking about. With endless applications and growing technology, it’s a perfect area to bring high-quality VR services to clients throughout the BC interior.

Oscar currently lives in Oliver, BC and enjoys the Okanagan experience of sun, water and beautiful scenery.

Carl Byrne

Originally from Bath in England, Carl started his professional career at the age of sixteen, working for one of the most prominent I.T. consultancy companies in Europe, and providing technical computer solutions to some of the biggest companies in the world. Since moving to Oliver 6 years ago, Carl has been very successful running his own company, selling and providing training and consultancy services to businesses in the Okanagan Valley. A year ago, Carl began a new career as a Realtor, looking to take advantage of his over sixteen years of technical expertise and sales experience, to help his clients achieve their goals of buying or selling Real Estate. Carl is a strong believer that his success has always been attributed to him providing extra value to his clients, and consistently leverages technology to help him stand out from the crowd.

After actively watching the 3D and VR market over the years, Carl believes that its time has finally arrived, and that this new venture with Oscar Irwin will be the biggest and most rewarding yet.

“3 dimensional viewing and virtual reality are no longer ideas of the future, they are here now, and readily available for everyone to get their hands on! All of us at ViewIT-3D see the potential of what these technologies have to offer, we also understand how to apply them to solve problems, create memorable experiences and save our customers time and money. We are dedicated to being on the cutting edge of this new virtual world, and we ensure that we will save a seat on our journey for all those customers who want to join us.”

“We look forward to showing everyone over the next short while, all the exciting projects we have planned that will change industries forever.”

Technical Operations
Steve Brown

Steve was born with a passion of technology. Holding a diploma in Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology, he has been providing Information Technology expertise to businesses and corporations within the Okanagan. His skills range from computer hardware to system administration.

Steve has been engaged in Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) since its reawakening in 2012. Working with the Oculus Rift Development Kits and now most recently, the consumer version. As well, Steve also builds custom computers for cutting-edge Virtual Reality Headsets. He is also current with future developments that will be instrumental in pushing ViewIt 3D to always be the leading company in environmental capture and viewing technologies.

Steve is a firm believer that soon, VR and AR will be integral in the way businesses interact and communicate to their customers.

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